Trice's Olympic dreams end; but excited to go back in four years

Jarod Trice took a year away from Central Michigan wrestling to pursue his dreams of showcasing his talents in the Summer Olympics in London this year.

In a matter of minutes Sunday, his goal was wrestled away from him by Tervel Dlagnev, a NCAA Division II champion at Nebraska-Kearney in 2007 and 2008.

He was two wins shy from representing the red, white and blue at 125 kilos, or 275.6 pounds.

“I had the confidence going into the tournament,” Trice said. “I was disappointed in the outcome of course, but I wrestled really well. I did some of my best wrestling in this tournament.”

The scoring system used was a best of three, contrasted from the college game. The wrestler with the highest point total in each period was awarded one point.

Dlagnev clinched a win in two periods with push-outs.

“I was battling and staying in good position,” Trice said. “I rushed it a little too fast, and when I rushed it, I stepped out of bounds and I lost the (second) period.”

Trice defeated a familiar opponent in Dom Bradley in his first match Sunday. A five-point throw was the highlight of the match.

“I ended the period on one throw - five-point throw right off his back. It might be on ESPN’s Top-10 plays; it was that good of a throw,” Trice said. “The last time I wrestled Dom Bradley, I let him get away from me, and he stole the match from me, and I’m not putting up with that anymore.”

Bradley defeated Trice in the Dave Schultz Memorial International for first place in February, and for third place match in the 2011 NCAA Championships.

Trice lost to Steve Mocco for third place, after defeating Chad Hanke in two periods in the consolation rounds.

CMU coach Tom Borrelli said the losses were nothing to be ashamed of.

“He doesn’t have anything to be hanging his head about,” Borrelli said. “Both of those guys have been on world teams in the past and have been on tours and have really concentrated on that style (of wrestling).”

Trice said he enjoyed the experience and looks forward to going at it again in four years.

“I took this whole year off of school for this. The experience that I’ve had this year has been great,” Trice said. “I’m going to keep competing; I’m going to go for the next three world championships. I’m also going to go for the Olympic Championships in the next four years.

“I’m going for it all," he said. "I’m going for the gold.”

Wynn Michalak

Wynn Michalak, who wrestled for CMU from 2004 through 2008, also grappled for a spot on Team USA at 96 kilos (211.6 pounds).

He lost in the first round to Craig Brester. He grabbed the first point to start off 7-0. He lost the next two, 2-1 and 4-3.

Michalak had success with the Chippewas. He is fourth all-time in wins at CMU with 128 and finished second in the NCAA Championships in his final season. He was also named MAC Wrestler of the Year, three-consecutive times.

“He was very, very good,” Borrelli said. “You can’t say enough good things about his career at Central (Michigan).”


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