ALBUM REVIEW: 18 years later, Spice Girls still know how to 'Spice Up Your Life'

Their debut single "Wannabe" was a number one hit in more than 30 countries in 1996.

In 1998, they released a movie titled "Spice World" in the U.S., and during the Summer 2012 Olympics they made a highly anticipated performance (for 90s kids anyway), during the closing ceremony.

While it's been 12 years since their last studio album was made, the Spice Girls have kept their name alive through various other albums including 11 albums and a compilation album.

The Spice Girls' second album "Spice World," which debuted in 1997, offers something their first album, "Spice," and third album, "Forever," don't.

What started out as teen pop and cliché in their first album, they learned how to tweak in the second.

Their single, "Spice Up Your World" proved to be a song that people of all ages can enjoy.

This single compared to "Wannabe" is the difference of sticking to the norm and breaking free of overused clichés. "Wannabe" sends the message of how to "get the girl" and becoming her boyfriend, which is what many pop bands did in the 90s.

"Spice Up Your Life" takes a different route and sends the message about how there is more to life than trying to get the girl. While every song on this album is sending the general message of enjoying life to the fullest, each one is essentially different as they have all a different tune.

Overall, some people might find the Spice Girls to be too teen pop and cliché, but there are others who will see them as a classic and timeless pop girl band.

When people found out they would be giving a performance at the 2012 Olympics, many Spice Girls enthusiasts were updating their Facebook status and tweeting how excited they were.

While it's been a long time since they've released anything new, it's safe to say the Spice Girls have kept their name alive. When a Spice Girls song comes on the radio, there's no denying people can, and will, sing along to every word.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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