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LETTER: I understand rebel students, but Go Chips!

Most of my friends sat between the 10 and 20 yard lines for Central Michigan football games. That’s because we arrived to games late after chowing down on lunch before making the trek from Saxe Hall to the football stadium. The good seats were already taken by the time we showed our student ID at the gate.

After halftime our ritual was the same. We’d move closer to midfield because many of the students left the game to watch Michigan or Michigan State on television.

It seems as if the ritual has not changed more than 30 years later. Central students give much of their hearts to good ol’ CMU, but a special place remains for the Spartans and Wolverines. That is why it did not surprise me to read the CM Life story where some Chippewas admitted they will root for Michigan State during Saturday’s game at Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

Unless you grew up in Mount Pleasant, chances are Michigan or Michigan State are your first football loves. We have blue counties. We have green counties. I doubt there are any maroon and gold counties outside of Mount Pleasant.

Some of my friends were angry after reading the story. I simply shrugged. It was the same when I was a student at CMU. Nothing has changed.

Many fans in this state want to see Michigan or Michigan State play in the Rose Bowl or go to the best bowl possible. MSU defensive end William Gholston wants to win a national title. Losing to Central crushes that dream.

There are some on this campus who don’t want to see CMU beat MSU. I do not agree with it, but I understand it.

However, I am wired differently. There was no better day in college football than that Saturday afternoon in 2009 when the Chippewas beat the Spartans a third time. It was a dream come true. My next dream is for CMU to hammer Michigan before 110,000 shocked fans at Michigan Stadium.

If it ruins a national title run, then so be it.

I am many years removed from being a student but I still support my school. That is why I will be up this weekend for this once in a lifetime experience. I will be around town and of course on game day I will wear my neutral game face because I am writing a column for the Detroit News.

But you won’t catch me wearing green and white this weekend.

No way.

Go Chips!

Terry Foster

CMU alum, Detroit News columnist, talk show host on 97.1-FM