LETTER: Comments against Cain uncalled for

The comments made by College Democrat president Alex Middlewood calling Herman Cain a “sexual predator” were extremely inappropriate.

Middlewood’s argument is that we should take a sexist approach that a man has to prove his innocence in a harassment suit.

Such an argument is dangerous, and this is why American courts have an “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy.

Do I believe Cain is guilty? No. Do I believe he is innocent?


I have not formed an opinion, because, like the rest of the general public, I do not have all the facts.

Ms. Middlewood should have taken the same stance, and said that this is something for the courts to decide.

This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue.

I said the same thing about allegations against Vice President Al Gore that I do about Cain.

A woman’s allegations against a man should be taken 100% seriously, and they should be properly investigated; however, they should not be accepted as fact until a court of law has made a binding decision on the case.


Nathan Inks

Chairman Emeritus

College Republicans at Central Michigan University

Former Central Michigan Life Columist