College Democrats, Republicans host viewing party together in Kulhavi

President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney were not the only ones having a debate Wednesday night.

Central Michigan University’s College Republicans and College Democrats, in an event sponsored by the Student Government Association, hosted a debate viewing party in Kulhavi Hall. About 30 students came out to the party.

Both sides were eager to defend their candidate.

“From both parties, I think we saw a very strong debate,” College Republicans Chairwoman Megan Gill said. “Romney did win by being focused on specific issues during the debates, while Obama distorted his plan.”

College Democrats President Alex Middlewood rebutted the conventional wisdom that Romney won the debate.

“I would have to disagree that Obama lost the debate," said Middlewood, an Otisville junior. "I think with President Obama showing his cool, and not ranting shows that he is the better candidate, and can keep a cool head."

Following the debate, members of the audience, many of whom appeared to be Democratic-leaning judging by the frequent loud cheers for Obama, asked questions of Middlewood and Gill.

Gill said the time restrictions prevented Romney from laying out his plans, especially on how he would tackle health care reform.

“I think what we saw from Romney, was that we are in a debate with time constrictions; he wasn’t really allowed to laid out his plans,” Gill said.

Middlewood urged voters to check both candidates’ websites for their stances on specific issues.

“If you want a better chance to understand where both candidates are coming from, you can always go to their respective websites to learn about specific issues,” she said.

Middlewood said Obama came across as more presidential during the debate.

“President Obama was more calm, cool and collectived,” she said. “I am going to be biased, and I say President Obama presented better during the debate.”

Gill said both candidates did well, but neither did enough to swing many voters in one direction or another.

“I think the debate was a very solid showing by both candidates," she said. "However, I don’t think necessarily that there was a big wow moment for both candidates"


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