Trivia contest challenges knowledge of CMU

One of this year’s homecoming events is a trivia contest that incorporates a fun theme with Central Michigan University history.

All of the trivia questions will be pertaining to CMU’s history, the gold rush, Olympic gold medals, or anything with gold in the title Megan Ellinger, homecoming co-chair and Rockford senior.

“The theme this year is ‘All that glitters is Chippewa gold,’” Ellinger said.

The trivia contest will be held at 5 p.m. Wednesday in Finch Fieldhouse.

During the first round, teams will be asked 20 questions and each team will have a chance to answer each question. Each team will have a whiteboard to write their answers on.

After the first round is over, the top 10 teams will advance to the next round. From there, teams will continue to be eliminated until there is only one team left.

"The questions progressively get harder each round," Ellinger said.

Students who want to participate in the trivia contest have to be part of a registered student organization or residence hall registered team for Homecoming week, Ellinger said.

“Teams register to compete in the Maroon Cup or Golden Goblet competition,” said Kelly Schiess, homecoming co-chair and Hartland senior. “By participating in the trivia contest, they can gain points to go toward their total points.”

The teams that answer the questions correctly will be awarded points. These points will go toward helping the teams win the Maroon Cup or Golden Goblet competition at the end of Homecoming week.

“It’s a fun way for students to get together and learn some fun trivia,” Ellinger said.

The theme for last year's trivia contest was fairy tales. The questions pertained to CMU and anything to do with fairy tales.

The trivia contest is put on by the Homecoming committee and it consists of 11 CMU students. These students have been working on plans for Homecoming week since August.


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