Isabella County Jail receives '100 percent compliance' rating from MDOC

For the fifth time in a row, the Isabella County Jail earned a “100 percent Compliance” certificate from the Michigan Department of Corrections as part of its jail inspection program.

Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski said the jail was in compliance with the standards and administrative rules set forth by the MDOC.

“One of the things they do is review our jail’s policies and procedures,” he said. “Rules and laws change so we have to keep up with that.”

Jail administrator Tom Recker said the staff goes through the facility twice a day to make sure the jail continues keeping up to principles.

Recker said standards include checking the emergency fire equipment, quarterly fire inspections and health safety issues, on top of cleaning, inmate classification and correction officer training.

“They require a minimum of 20 hours of on-going training each year,” Recker said. “Most of our people get a lot more than that.”

Another main focus is keeping the kitchen sanitary and checking with a dietician to ensure the inmates are receiving nutritious meals, both of which Recker said meet and exceed the MDOC’s expectations.

“People have said it’s one of the cleanest kitchens in the area, and one of the cleanest jail kitchens they’ve ever seen,” Recker said.

Mioduszewski said although compliance certificates are awarded annually, it takes daily discipline to keep the jail up to standards.

“We get inspected once every year or year and a half, but our folks every day do a great job,” he said.

With 25 fulltime employees and 5 part-time employees, Recker said it’s the staff who make the difference.

“It makes me feel real good, but the staff work very hard and make sure everything is up to code,” Recker said.

Mioduszewski said the jail never received “100 percent compliance" prior to his appointment as sheriff in 2004, but it was one of his goals coming into the position.

“It is wonderful news because it’s one of things we strive for,” Mioduszewski said. “I expect it. Is it easy to obtain? No. Our correction officers do a great job.”