Students recall worst trick-or-treating experiences

Imagine going trick-or-treating with your friends or family and you come back with a bag full of goodies and treats.

You get home and dump out the goods. But, it wasn't always chocolate and tasty sweets. Sometimes the "treats" were not what students expected.

Mark Ruhl said one of his neighbors would give out frozen fruit-like candy.

"It was really weird," Ruhl said.

The Novi senior said the family, who were from Japan, would never understand when he and his friends would ring the door bell and say the classic Halloween phrase “trick or treat."

Shabriea Quinn had her fair share of odd Halloween treats over the years. Some weren't even treats.

“One year, I received money from a house,” the junior said.

The money wasn't a lot though, she said.

“What could I do with 11 cents?” she said. “I was like 'What the heck? Change? I was pretty upset.”

She said one year, while trick-or-treating in her hometown of Saginaw, she also received a pocket Bible from an older woman and her husband.

“It's just what they were giving out,” she said. “They would say 'God bless you and be safe' and that was that.”

Brittany Maddox, a Detroit junior, said one of her neighbors would give out hot dogs every year.

She said many people would stop by the house and take a free hotdog.

Senior Alyssa Palma said when she was little, she got crushed Little Debbie Ho Hos from a house.

“I must've been like eight,” the Walhalla native said. “I was so sad. It basically looked like they blew up so you couldn't even eat them.”

She said her grandmother used to be the one giving out the not-so-great treats on Halloween in her neighborhood.

“My grandma use to give away healthy popcorn and sugar-free gum,” she said. “So I didn't like going there."

Romulus freshman Jessika Kennedy said she received a rock when she was 14 while trick-or-treating in Dearborn.

“I was so sad,” she said. “I don’t even remember who gave it to me.”


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