CAMPUS CLOSET: Thrift-store style steal



Bay Port senior Laura Stoeckle proves that being fashionable on a budget is possible. Stoeckle gets most of her clothes from the thrift store, Thumb Industries, that she is an employee at in Bad Axe on the weekends. Her other low-budget finds come from Target. All together her Monday morning outfit only cost $31, including accessories.

"I just buy what I like and what's comfortable," she said.

Her $15 jeans and $5 black tank top were just the basics to set the pallette for her outfit.

Although her $3 sweater has been worn before, Stoeckle said it's new to her closet and was perfect for her day at work on Monday morning.

"I thought I found a great twist on the classic cardigan," she said.

The sheer sleeves ruche at the shoulders adding a bit of sass and retro feel to a otherwise gray sweater vest.

To add more color to her outfit, she added a magenta jeweled necklace borrowed from a friend and $8 Target ballet flats with a silver toe.

Go-to accessory: "A watch because it adds a pop of color to whatever you're wearing. I wear the big watches that are really noticeable."

Fashion inspiration: "I don't really pay attention to celebrity fashion so I think I just create my own style based on what I already have in my closet."

Favorite color to wear: "Earth tones like brown and tan. I have a lot of base colors. They're neutral and go with anything. I don't have a lot of standout-ish clothes because I would rather just accessorize."

She loves to wear: "A maxi skirt. I love that thing because it's so comfortable, but still looks cute.  Plus, if you wear a skirt, people are like 'Wow, she dressed up today," but really it's just comfy"


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