CMU athletics aware of Saturday night altercation involving 'multiple' student-athletes

Athletics department officials confirmed a Saturday night altercation between several CMU student-athletes.

Athletics Director Dave Heeke confirmed a dispute after being asked about a dispute involving multiple members of the CMU football and track and field teams during a meeting Thursday with Central Michigan Life about the athletics budget.

"The athletics department is aware of an issue involving multiple student-athletes," Heeke said. "We've encouraged those people who are involved in it and have concerns about it to contact local law enforcement if they see fit to do that, and are wishing to do that.

"We're sitting here waiting to see if we'll get feedback from local law enforcement."

Heeke said he became aware of the incident on Sunday evening, but wouldn't comment any further about the incident or inquires about whether coaches from both programs had met about the dispute.

"If it's determined that any student athletes were directly involved, they'll be held accountable and disciplined accordingly," Heeke said.

Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski and CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley told CM Life Thursday that their respective departments are not investigating any CMU athletes at this time.


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