Rihanna's lyrics are "Unapologetic" on her racy new album

Full of confidence and sass, Rihanna has done it again with her seventh album "Unapologetic," which was released Nov. 19.

With as much cockiness as confidence, Rihanna creates an album with a little bit of everything we have seen before, just jacked up another notch.

This is Rihanna's seventh album in seven years, and fans have yet to be disappointed. Described as hard-hitting, man-killer and addictive, Rihanna delivers what is expected to be an album full of chart topping hits.

Much like last year's "Talk that Talk" album, many of the tracks are racy and profane tunes. There are some modern pop songs that will please the fans of 2010's Loud album.

One of the drama stirring tracks is "Nobody's Business," which is a duet with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The song starts off with Rihanna singing "you'll always be mine."

Eminem is also featured on the album in the song "Numb." The pair had a huge hit when they teamed up on "Love the Way You Lie" in 2010. This time, the song is not an emotional ballad, but more of a slow club sounding hit.

On track number four "Pour it Up," Rihanna is bulletproof and concrete in her sex appeal and fortune with her lyrics of "Strip clubs and dollar bills/ I still got my money/Patron shots, can I get a refill?". Giving rappers a run for their money, Rihanna brings out her brutal, feminist attitude, giving the independent ladies a banger to blast on a girls night out.

She does slow it down and bring some emotion in her duet with Future called "Loveeeee Song," in which she pleads "Boy, I just wanna be in your possession/ You say I’m the one you want so come express it."

"Jump" is a spin-off from Ginuwine's hit song "Pony" from the 90s, which was debuted in "Magic Mike" earlier this year in the summer. She did add some of her own to this already catchy song with some dubstep beats and her sensual sound.

On her collaboration with David Guetta on track number seven, we have "Right Now." Rihanna and Guetta pair up to bring a club single, but it is nothing out of the ordinary. Guetta's beat and her pop voice, this jam does what it supposed--creates a loud, dance anthem for the club, and nothing more.

There is no doubt that Rihanna will be bringing the hits. With the track "Diamonds" from the album already topping Billboard's Hot 100, we can expect this album to be another multimillion success.


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