The Central Review literary magazine to host launch party Friday in the Baber Room

The Central Review is a literary magazine of students’ best writing and visual art pieces that they submitted earlier in the semester.

At 6 p.m. Friday, the magazine will be hosting a public launch party in the Baber Room in the Charles V. Park Library. The authors will read their work out loud and showcase all the work that has been done.

“We are really excited about it, we can’t wait to celebrate all the work that has been done,” said Editor-in-Chief Leigh Jajuga. “It was interesting to see the work that was submitted, (because) it changes every semester.”

The Mount Pleasant senior said a lot more poetry was submitted this year than in the spring.

The magazine consists of all sorts of creative writing and arts that have been submitted by both undergrad and graduate students.

"We select based on talent that is elemental,” Jajuga said. “It’s not on a basis as far whether the subject matter is unique.”

Senior Lauren Kellogg said Friday will be a fantastic experience for students to come out and hear the background work that has been put into each piece of writing that is published.

“It's so much different from just reading these fantastic poems because you get to hear them the way that the author intended,” the Lake Orion native said.

Kellogg said a lot of work has been put in to the magazine to create a bonding experience for the literary community. She said the people love the support that they receive from everyone on campus.

“It’s a team effort amongst myself and the other editors,” Kellogg said. “We just want to make sure we have a fantastic issue.”

Kellogg said the magazine is very diverse because of all the different submissions from CMU students.

Jajuga said they like to keep it without a general theme so that they can get all these different submissions and create the best magazine possible.

“We don’t want there to be any sort of criteria, we are just looking for talent,” Jajuga said.

Jajuga said the party on Friday will be to honor all the work that has been done and give an opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the showcase.

Kellogg said she is looking forward to the launch of the magazine because they typically get a pretty good turn out and it is a time for students to listen to their peers.


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