Wendels to share a roof with Art Van, become interior design group

Art Van is slated to come to Mount Pleasant after Wendels furniture store closes its doors at the end of the year.

After 40 years of business, Wendels Home and Design, 5260 E. Pickard St., founded by Wendel Lee in 1972, has pasted yellow signs with black text on its doors, announcing it will be going out of business. However, the space will not go vacant, as it will be transitioning into an Art Van Furniture store at the beginning of 2013.

David Lee, co-owner of Wendels, said the multi-generational, family-owned company would continue to have a presence in the store.

“Wendels will not be in retail furniture, we'll be an interior design group under the umbrella of Art Van,” he said.

Wendels recently already moved into a new facility, but will still share a bathroom with Art Van in the same building, Woody Woodruff, Zoning Administrator of Union Township said.

“Art Van will take over the rest of the building. They will share a bathroom, and there will be a way to close off one section so the companies can come and go,” Woodruff said. “The building was designed with the possibility of housing a second tenant. The east end will be the smaller area for the current owner to continue as a consultant interior design group,”

Lee said it is an honor to be recognized and selected by Art Van to carry their home furnishings.

“Our companies are both family owned, and share the same passion for personalized service, superior selection and unwavering community commitment,” he said. “This is a natural fit in every way.”

The new store will also incorporate some of Art Van’s specialty centers, including Art Van Puresleep and the Clearance Center. The space will also provide tenants with the option of adding a World of Floors and Paul's TV.

However, regarding community impact, Woodruff doesn’t see a major change coming.

“In a sense, (Art Van will add) nothing more than is already there; we're trading one furniture store for another,” he said. “But Art Van has a state-wide presence, and more name recognition than Wendels. There's a regional draw, and Art Van may attract more of that clientele to Mount Pleasant than before.”

Art Van plans to hold a career fair from 2 to 7 p.m. Wednesday at 913 E. Pickard St.


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