ADVICE: No one wants a needy relationship for Christmas

Everyone likes a little attention. But when does the attention turn into annoyance?

When you have a have a stage-five clinger blowing up your phone bill and asking about your every move, the only thing you want is space.

You may like the attention of your significant other but the novelty of it probably wears off faster than they can text you again after you didn’t respond.

Being the needy one in a relationship is never attractive.

If you get dumped for being too overbearing, I can’t say you don’t deserve it.

But sometimes you don’t even realize it and next thing you know, the only person you have left to text is yourself.

Here are some signs you need to back off before you back yourself right into a place called singlehood:

Constant communication

If you’re not texting the person, you’re tweeting them. And when that fails, you log on Facebook to send them a quick message … just in case. Instead of communicating in every form possible, take a hint when they don’t respond right away. No, they don’t hate you, but they could be busy. Also, don’t always be the one who initiates conversation. Let them do the talking once in a while.

Making them spend every available minute with you

When they can’t hangout, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you. Everyone likes a little alone time and you have to respect that.  People in college are especially busy. If they decide to hangout with their friends over you, you can’t get mad. If they only want to hangout with their friends and not you, well, then you need to talk about it. Let your significant other spend time with their friends. There’s nothing worse than being that couple that disappears until they break up.


What are you doing? Who are you with? Why haven’t you texted me today?

Sound familiar? Then you’re in or have been in a needy relationship. The answer to all of those questions should be “who cares?” Don’t ask questions like that unless they’re necessary.  Otherwise, you’re borderline needy.

If you’re in a relationship where you significant other is overbearing, try talking to them about it. If you honestly like them, tell them so, but also say how it’d be better if you weren’t glued to your phone all day.

If it makes them feel more comfortable, maybe you can text it. Or Facebook. Or Tweet. Ya, know.


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