COLUMN: Pregnancy brings more royal buzz to America

Dating back as early as the days of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana, it seems that America has always been utterly fascinated with the royal family.

Americans typically in the spotlight include actors and actresses, athletes, musicians and political figures. The idea of having queens and princes seems like something magical I think to most Americans.

Although Princess Diana stole the hearts and admiration of the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, the obsession of the royal family really reached a whole new level with Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Their royal wedding on April 29, 2011, was watched by over two billion people on television, and has been tweeted about over four million times.

To think that this power couple could get any bigger seems almost impossible, right?

Well, now there is a bun in the oven for the Duchess, and the publicity on this royal pregnancy has raised quite a stir in the United States.

Middleton announced she is pregnant on Tuesday. According to ABC, the Duchess was rushed to the hospital for an acute morning sickness, which requires supplementary hydration and nutrients.

The royal couple decided to go public with the news of their pregnancy after this emergency. She is not yet 12 weeks pregnant.

There is an abundance of rumors dealing with the release of this pregnancy. Could it be twins? What will the new royal heirs look like and be named?

Once again, Americans are caught up in a whirlwind with the magical-seeming lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

What is so delightful about this couple? Why are Americans so interested in what they are doing? The answers are clear to me.

Middleton is the classic girl next door, but she happens to be beautiful and now married to a prince. She studied art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, did all the typical things that someone would do, but is now 'famous.' We, as Americans, eat this stuff up and people find themselves believing it could happen to them.

Or there is the alternate route: some people are just waiting to see the divorce headline, or something terrible to happen to prove that these are real people and not just living a fairytale.

Whether people are killing to see them fail or merely looking to be inspired by a 'happily ever after' ending, they love to watch and observe the lives of those in the limelight.

With the news of a royal pregnancy this past week, the royal buzz is bigger than ever. Turn on your televisions, open a magazine and join the craze because I see no end to the obsession of the royal family in the near future.


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