More than 80 officers sworn in as deputies Thursday morning, allowing law enforcement great jurisdiction in the area

A sea of new law enforcement officials milled about the Isabella County building Thursday morning.

More than 80 officers from five of the six Isabella County law enforcement agencies came to the third floor of the building Thursday to be sworn in by County Clerk Joyce Swan.

Swan said the once tedious swearing-in process was replaced when Leo Mioduszewski became Isabella County Sheriff eight years ago, and it has become even timelier this year, with officers signing their names in groups.

Mioduszewski said Isabella County differs from many sheriffs departments because they deputize all police departments in the county, which he believes provides further safety.

"Some sheriffs are afraid to deputize," Mioduszewski said. "We deputize individuals so, if you see someone breaking the law, you can act right away."

If an officer from CMU police witnesses a crime off campus they are now able to act on it, whereas, if not sworn in as a Isabella County deputy, they would have to first get permission or leave the situation so it could be handled by a separate department, he said.

"Since Leo, it's been more convenient not only for the deputies, but for the county clerk's office as well," she said.

Every four years, deputies are sworn in to assure they can provide service immediately in the occurrence of a crime within Isabella County.

At 8 a.m. sharp, Mioduszewski welcomed the crowd and introduced Swan, who instructed officers to raise their right hand and then read the oath of deputy sheriffs.

After being sworn in by Swan, deputies went forward in groups of 20 to sign their names and verify appointment.

Swan said before the mass event, officers individually came to the county clerk's office to be sworn in one-by-one.

Of the 112 officers throughout the area, the clerk's office said 86 were sworn in this morning. Those who could not make it today will be individually sworn in when available.

Mioduszewski said all individuals must be deputized in by Jan. 1 in order to have full police power.

The six Isabella County law enforcement agencies include: the sheriff’s department, the Mount Pleasant police department, the Central Michigan University Police Department, the Shepherd Police Department, the Clare Police department and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal police.


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