University Theatre and Dance Company perform student choreography in fall showcase

Chuck Miller/Staff Photographer Durand freshman Brandee Meadows dances with Holt sophomore CJ Malloy in a dance titled "Twisted Desire" as part of the 2012 Student Choreography Showcase Saturday night in Rose 127. The dance was choreographed by University Theatre Dance Company sophomore Madison Williams.

Kalie Dickman said she sat down and started thinking about her life and how much has changed over the past few years which gave her the inspiration to choreograph her first University Theatre and Dance Company showcase routine,

"I told my dancers my story, but I wanted them to relate it to their own lives," the Shepherd junior said. "I know that not everyone has my same story, but everyone experiences the growing up and moving on of friendships."

The University Theatre and Dance Company put on their fall showcase Friday and Saturday night in Rose 127.

Choreographing a dance has been on Dickman's mind since she joined the company her freshman year. Living only a few miles away, Dickman said she had lots of friends already in the company who convinced her to join.

"Choreography is amazing because you can get your message out," Dickman said. "This semester was an easy semester for me, so it was perfect timing to try."

Dickman hopes to be a physical therapist and work with injured dancers in the future.

In high school, Dickman suffered a severe sprain in her ankle that caused her to be out of dance for four months. With the help of her physical therapist, she was inspired to make a career out of working with recovering dancers.

Dickman said she had other interactions that helped her with the creative process, such as talking with other dancers.

Knowing the emotional influences on choreography can help the physical dancing, she said, because movement is empowered more by the emotional message than is in the background of what the motions are.

"When there is emotion, everything gets bigger in the dance, and there is more to the piece," Dickman said.

Sophomore Dillon Harke went to Friday's show to see his friends in the production. The Mount Pleasant native said he likes seeing his friends perform.

The music theater major said he has taken tap and ballet classes, which made him interested in dance. But the main reason he went was because his friends were promoting their show and he wanted to support them.

"We go to each other's gigs for moral support," Harke said.

With the planning of the choreography, Dickman was on her own in making up the routine, but she did have the guidance and support of University Theatre and Dance faculty member Heather Trommer Beardslee.

Trommer Beardslee said the students did everything, and she was more of a mentor to give suggestions.

"They can take them, but they don’t have to," she said. "At the end of the day, it’s their final product"


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