Women express love for leggings and leg warmers as favorite winter fashion

When it comes to winter fashion there are two important factors to consider: functionality and aesthetics.

Central Michigan University students prefer a combination of both.

Senior Chloe Scudder said she keeps warm during the cold temperatures by wearing boots with leggings, leg warmers, and big chunky sweaters.

"Leggings have to be worn appropriately," the Holland native said. "But they're good for class because they're comfortable.

Sudder said due to the variations of temperature during this time of year, she prefers her clothes to keep her warm and be stylish.

"It does get to a point in Michigan that warmth is more important," she said. "That is why I have lots of winter coats."

Lansing junior Kaitlyn Coryell enjoys wearing leggings and leg warmers with boots because it is an easy outfit to throw together.

"It's a warm-go to outfit that can be worn all year," she said. "I see this trend here more than I did at my old school."

Coryell also prefers a mixture of warmth and functionality to her outfits but said it depends on the day.

"When I go to class I prefer something comfortable, easy and warm," she said.

Diamondale senior Stephanie Self enjoys this trend because it is both comfortable and casual.

"But it can be dressed up easily by putting on a nice top, or even wearing a skirt with tights as I've done before," she said. "It just looks good as a comfy outfit without being frumpy."

Self said she has seen other ways to wear this trend, including with skinny jeans instead of leggings as well as with shirts and scarves.

"I've seen it with a blousy top and a blazer too," she said. "It just depends on the style that the person likes most."

In addition to the leggings with leg warmers look, Self said she also enjoys the military style look and clothes with lace.

"I've fallen in love with lace blouses and shirts with bits of lace on them," she said. "I also really like the military look, not camouflage, but more how the buttons on tops are placed"


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