ADVICE: Single? You're free!

A lot of things change when you become single. You might feel hurt. You might feel happy. But, most of all, you will feel different.

Depending on the break-up, there’s going to be good and bad repercussions.

I don’t know about you, but I always like the bad news first.

You might lose some friends. Not only do you lose your significant other, you most likely won’t talk to your mutual friends anymore either. Sometimes, people become really close with their partner’s friends and expect to stay close after breaking up, but it doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t.

If you texted your significant other a lot during the relationship, expect to see a lot more of the world and a lot less of your phone screen. It might feel weird not to fall asleep talking to someone at night.

Being single might make you feel like you only have yourself. But, you don’t. Who was there when you first started liking your ex? Probably your closest friends. And they should still be there for you, so call them! Unless you're one of those couples who only talked to each other for the past year. In that case, you have some work to do.

Ahh, now, on to the good stuff.

First off – you’re free. You can do anything you want without worrying about what someone else might think. If that doesn’t make you feel like a winner, then keep reading.

You can eat at that hole-in-the-wall place that sells the best stinky Thai curry that only you like whenever you want. You can finally start wearing your retainer again, because morning breath is only going to be your problem now. You can even sleep in your Snuggie! Yes! And those ugly middle school sweatpants that say DANCE! on them with the bleach stains can grace your body again.

More and more people are going to fill your social circle. Forget feeling alone; being single is when you meet everyone and their mothers. You’re going to have so many friends that you’re not going to know what to do with them. They will call you to hangout because, remember, you are free.

You can figure out what you want for yourself. And it’s OK if right now all that might be is chocolate. But, in all seriousness, you’re going to do stupid things, maybe fall on your face and then discover what you really want. Fun!


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