Charges yet to be filed after high school student falls at party on Kinney Avenue

No charges have been filed after a 16-year-old Shepherd High School student fell from a second-story window at a party last Saturday that was broken up by police.

Medical personnel were called to the house commonly known as The Alamo, 715 S. Kinney Ave., after the student was found by a Mount Pleasant Police Department officer who noticed people standing around the unresponsive student.

“Follow-up has to be done with the residents, and I believe that will be done this week,” Mount Pleasant Public Information Officer Jeff Thompson said in an email.

The investigation regarding what transpired on the morning of Feb. 2 is still ongoing, with the option for placing any charges on the residents or the student for an MIP are still undecided. Charging the student, at this point, is unlikely, Thompson said.

“As for the 16-year-old, I would have to believe that if it's found that he was (a minor in possession) that justice would not be best served by charging him,” Thompson said. “We could, but I don’t see that happening.”

Witnesses at the party said one other person jumped from the second-story window and fled the scene when police arrived, who was then followed by the injured student who attempted to jump from the same window.

When MPPD officers normally arrive to break up a party, it is best to cooperate and not run from the police, Thompson previously told Central Michigan Life.

“Our general practice is to make contact with the resident of the home and ask them to take the appropriate measures,” Thompson said. “If it is a small crowd, we ask them to move it inside, but if it’s large, we ask that they kick everyone out.”

Thompson said as long as the police get cooperation from the resident, there would be no need to chase after any person fleeing and added had the student not tried to flee, he would be back at home.

The student was taken to McLaren-Central Michigan, 1221 S. Drive, for medical treatment.


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