COLUMN: Slipping and sliding around campus

The last time I checked, we live on a college campus. Forgive me if I am wrong, but we are college students and walk to most of our classes. I think we can agree that the iced-to-flooded sidewalks are not ideal at all.

This past week, there were some severe weather conditions, but the amount of times I saw people fall flat on their butts was even more extreme.

Surely, there is more that can be done. We pay thousands of dollars a year; the least we can have is fresh salt spread around campus. I hold a record of two complete falls, and, luckily, four in which I caught myself before fully completing the slip and landing on my bottom.

Mind you, I was wearing boots, but there is only so much a pair of snow boots can do. As students, it is our own problem if we aren’t prepared for the weather; however, it is not our fault if the salt is from two days ago.

I think I can speak on behalf of the student body by saying there needs to be more salt added more frequently. I should not be slipping and sliding all the way to class. There was one point when I started to walk in 5 inch snow because there was more traction.

At this point, the ice is the main concern with the sidewalks, but let me take it back to last weekend, to the snow!

Yes, it’s the weekend and classes aren’t in session, but doesn’t it seem necessary to shovel the snow, considering this is a college campus and most students walk everywhere, even on the weekends?

If the sidewalk was shoveled over the weekend, then that would not only lead to less snow in my boots but would also cut down on flooded sidewalks.

I understand that every snowstorm comes with hazardous weather conditions, as well; I just think that the slips and slides could have all been avoided if a few simple actions took place. The idea of tending to all sidewalks on campus over and over can seem pretty implausible, but surely there is a sufficient system to clear the way.

Now that I am going through my first college winter, I now know that I might have to start getting a ride to class during this season. Hopefully, the roads are better taken care of.


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