COLUMN: We have a problem

Women's rights have been the topic of much conversation, especially within the last year. However, women's empowerment  hasn't been discussed as much as I think it should be. Rights are one thing, but perceptions are another.

I don’t think the majority of people understand how subtle inequality can seem, even though it’s in plain sight and we often overlook it. If we took the time to re-evaluate what is considered normal in our society, we could see just how blaringly obvious it actually is.

I walked into Java City the other day and heard what was supposed to be music: “Then I like to see the female twerking taking the clothes off buckey naked, ATL. Hoe don’t disrespect it, pa-pop yo pussy like this cause Ying Yang Twins in this bitch."

The best part was when the Ying Yang Twins tell the audience about their sweaty testicles and tell women to crawl on the floor and bring their butts and breasts over to them to be ejaculated upon. Not exactly kid, women or human-friendly stuff.

In case you didn't know, women are not playthings, maids, slaves or whores belonging to men. Thanks Java City for that lovely reaffirmation that we still have a long way to go.

The really sad and angering thing is the women playing this music probably didn’t see anything wrong with it. I'm not attacking them, but am trying to raise awareness of something not typically paid attention to.

It might be ubiquitous in popular songs and images, and people may not pay close attention to the lyrics, but when we support ideas like this, especially at an establishment, it shows what we value – and more importantly, who we don’t: women.

It’s pretty easy to boycott this crap. Sometimes the messages are more subtle, but look around and we can still find examples of inequality everywhere. Fight it!

A few weeks ago, while studying in the Down Under, a group of guys were laughing and having a good time. Good for them, but then I heard one start listing off numbers, and I look up at him just as he assigns me a number.

Rating women on sex appeal and other degrading acts like this sets men and women back. The guy thought it was just a joke, and even admitted it didn’t feel good to be on the receiving end of such degradation when I confronted him.

We are not livestock, nor inanimate objects to be rated.

To the men, be better than this, I know you can do it.

To the women, I say join together, be vigilant.


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