Students split on the idea of Valentine's Day

Students find themselves split on whether to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Graduate student Nykisha Reeder of Detroit said she looks forward to Valentine’s Day each year because it’s the day to spread love.

“It’s a couples reunited day,” Reeder said. “If you’ve been busy all that week during school and at work, that’s the day you can (be) like ‘OK, babe, let’s get together. Let’s go out and have fun on this day.’”

For senior Joshua Finn, the best thing someone can do on Valentine’s Day is to try something different. The Southfield native said, normally, he would do something he and his friends haven’t tried together.

“I enjoy getting to go out with friends and trying something new,” Finn said. “Maybe … doing a fun activity. I look forward to the fun things with friends.”

On the other hand, some students, such as Westland freshman Arielle Hines, don't care for the affectionate holiday.

“I think some people take it to an extreme and put way too much thought and energy into it, and, so, they kind of suck the fun out of it,” Hines said. “Instead, they should just be happy to have their partner.”

Hines said people could have fun on Valentine's Day, but it can make those who aren’t in relationships feel a bit lonely.

“I think that single people can have fun on Valentine’s Day,” Hines said. “However, as a culture, there is an idea that your self-worth comes from a relationship. Therefore, not having a relationship on Valentine’s Day makes single people feel lonely.”

Reeder said Valentine's Day doesn't have to be reserved for couples.

“You can buy your … family a Valentine’s Day (gift), because it’s essentially a day of love for lovers,” Reeder said. “But, also, if you’re a person who doesn’t have a man or a woman or something like that, you can use it to show love for people.”

Finn said the holiday still carries meaning, and couples shouldn’t wait until Valentine's Day to celebrate their love.

“I wouldn’t say it (has) lost its essence,” Finn said. “I would just say that couples do nice things for each other only on that day, and I think that you should celebrate being a couple and being in love more than just one day a year.”

Reeder said she has seen fewer people celebrate Valentine's Day in recent years.

“(In) previous years, it seemed overrated to have a lot of balloons and teddy bears and stuff like that in Wal-Mart and Kmart,” Reeder said. “Around this time last year, I went to Wal-Mart and there’s not many items out for you to buy. It’s actually as if Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist anymore."

Finn said couples should go out and do something creative for the holiday.

“Most people go out to dinner and get flowers,” Finn said. “I think you should so something fun and adventurous or try something different.”


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