MOVIE REVIEW: 'Identity Thief' a refreshing, humorous movie revolving around a serious subject

Unlike many recent comedies to hit theaters, "Identity Thief" doesn't depend on shock value for laughs.

"Identity Thief" has already brought in about $35 million opening weekend, and ticket sales continue to come close to selling out.

The film premiered in theaters Feb. 8 and focuses on a woman named Diana, who puts a man in jeopardy of losing his job when she steals his identity. Jason Bateman's character, Sandy Bigalow Patterson, must convince Diana to travel with him to his home to confess to his boss so he can remain employed.

"Identity Thief" stars the up-and-coming actress Melissa McCarthy, who gained fame quickly for her role in "Bridesmaids," and who now returns to theaters as Diana, the identity thief, to give the audience big laughs.

"The best thing about the movie was Melissa McCarthy," 32-year-old Midland native Angie Sambrook said.

The film has attracted audiences of all ages, full of young teens, parents and older adults that want to enjoy an entertaining, humorous movie that doesn't depend on the shock value or violence that drive so many films today.

Rather than being built around a gag, the film brings to light an issue that more people than ever are struggling with: identity theft. The film takes this issue and makes it into a humorous adventure.

However, despite the relevancy of subject matter, many critics gave negative reviews of the film. Humor might not be the way to bring attention to a sensitive problem.

"It’s a deserving subject that should be explored in a more viable film," Rex Reed of the "New York Observer" said.

However, although the film is supposed to be humorous, it is not making fun of the fact that people today are getting their identities stolen regularly. Rather, it is a refreshing, unique film that should be taken lightly and enjoyed for what it is.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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