Olivieri Management to update, rebuild four Washington Street properties

Housing on Washington Street will look drastically different when four neighboring properties undergo major construction.

The properties are located between Clayton and Bellows streets and all are listed as belonging to Washington Village, LLC.

The four site plans presented and approved by the Mount Pleasant Planning Commission call for updating an apartment building, demolishing two houses and constructing news ones in their place and the construction of a completely new house.

The builder and developer for all the projects, Joe Olivieri, said he is looking forward to getting to work.

“It’s not very often you get to redevelop a whole side of one street, a whole block,” Olivieri said. “As a member of the community, I’m very excited to see the improvement because I drive down that street all the time.”

Washington Village, 1020 S. Washington St., will receive an upgrade to the exterior of the buildings and some landscaping work.

“It’s really trying to dress up and improve the look of the existing builds,” Director of Planning and Community Development Jeff Gray said.

The project will remain an 11-unit apartment building, licensed for 52 occupants.

However, the total land area allotted to the apartment building would be reduced when a house is built at 1006 S. Washington St., which is currently used as an overflow parking lot for the apartment tenants.

The property owners will construct a house for up to eight occupants at the site, putting the property back on the tax roll, Gray said.

Fifty-five spots are already provided for tenants in the main parking for the apartment building, and eight spots will be provided for the occupants of the new house at 1006 S. Washington St.

Houses at 1008 and 1010 S. Washington St. will be torn down to allow for newer, larger homes.

The house at 1008 S. Washington St. is licensed for five occupants, while the new home in its place would be able to house nine.

The house at 1010 S. Washington St. would also be built for nine occupants, an increase from the six allowed now.

Nine parking spots will be provided for each of the new buildings.

“You’re going to see with all of these the same thing you see in previous requests (by the applicant),” Gray said. “No dumpsters, instead, trash carts screened in and bicycle parking, etc.”

All the plans for the properties were grouped and approved together with a total site area of 64,416 square feet.

Specifics and construction dates have not been announced.

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