Students share their best Valentine's Days

Red roses, conversation hearts and fluffy teddy bears are things of the past compared to the amazing memories some Central Michigan University students have experienced during their Valentine's Day celebrations.

Richmond sophomore Kayla Myers said last year was the best Valentine's Day she has had because she successfully surprised her boyfriend of four years.

"He always does nice things for me for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to switch it up and prove that the girl isn’t the only one that matters," she said.

Myers typed up a letter and gave it to her roommate to give to him in the class they had together. The letter told him to come to her dorm room after class.

"I had all the girls on our floor help out, and we lit a bunch of candles and made it look all romantic. I made us spaghetti for dinner, and he was so surprised; his reaction made it so much better," Myers said. "We joke about how he will be able to top me this year."

Some students might think only women get excited about Valentine's Day, but for senior Ryan Hills, that is not the case. The Riverdale native said there is a special night that he remembers that was a defining point in his relationship.

"I took my girlfriend of six months to the Grand Rapids Amway Grand Hotel for a fancy dinner," Hills said. "I didn't make any reservations, so I was nervous, but they accommodated us anyway."

Hills said it was the first Valentine's Day he spent with the woman who is now his fiancée.

"It was kind of like a James Bond experience because (the hotel) was all glass and see-through. There were flowers everywhere in there, too," Hills said. "She had a really good time; it was a beautiful place."

Sophomore Emily Jelsma said Valentine's Day of her senior year of high school started off roughly but ended up being the best day because of her boyfriend of four years.

The Lowell native said she was very sick, forcing her to leave school early. She thought she missed out on something special.

"I left school, and my boyfriend came over after and surprised me with flowers and soup," Jelsma said. "He even watched chick flicks with me the whole time."

Jelsma said she believes Valentine's Day is more than just a Hallmark holiday because it is nice to do something special for the person you love.

Sophomore Natalie Kaczorowski, on the other hand, said Valentine's Day is not as fun as it used to be, and she said her best memories of the holiday are back in the days of elementary school.

"It was more fun to be with friends and not worry about being single or in a relationship," the Chelsea native said. "There wasn’t a negative vibe toward Valentine's Day back then; we just got to play games and eat candy"


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