Super Party: Crowds gather around Mount Pleasant, on campus for big game

Taylor Ballek/Staff Photographer Campus Crusade for Christ, a interdenominational Christian organization, hosts a party for the Ravens vs. 49ers Super Bowl XLVII game Sunday night at the Ward Theatre, 218 S. Main St.

They called it "The Kraken."

The monstrosity, with ten fearsome bacon tentacles stretching out of a blood-red pool of beans, cheese and beef was an overwhelming favorite to win the Campus Crusade For Christ's Super Bowl 2013 dip competition in the Ward Theatre, 218 S. Main St.

It was only the second year CRu was able to secure the Ward Theatre for the Super Bowl, and only the second dip competition as well. Midland senior Benjamin Puckett, the creator of The Kracken, didn't do so well in last year's competition, with a queso dip that failed to inspire.

However, this year, he had a different strategy.

"Actually, I kind of just made it up as I went along," Puckett said. "Not much of a plan, really, but who doesn't like beef and bacon?"

The Ward Theatre was one of several scenes around town that was fixated on the Super Bowl Sunday night, which engulfed Mount Pleasant in jovial celebration.

Troutman Hall was also a hot spot, as a group of friends gathered in the common area for company and, more importantly, the larger television.

"I feel like this is one of the more important Super Bowls," said Devon Lynch, a Ypsilanti Mid Michigan Community College student. " The 49ers quarterback was a backup in the beginning of the year, and he led them all the way to the Super Bowl. That's big."

Alisha Harper, an Eaton Rapids junior, was watching the game three stories above in Troutman Hall, with Fraser junior Katelyn Nadolski and Linwood junior Eric Klass, but Harper was watching it for different reasons.

"I'm here for the halftime show. I'm here to watch Beyonce," Harper said. "She pretty much owns the world. She's the woman version of Chuck Norris."

Shelby Township junior Rachel Zott, watching the game in a residence on Washington street, agreed. A Beyonce super-fan, she has the special ability to listen to Beyonce non-stop and never get tired of it.

"She probably knows karate," Zott said. "She's part of that 'Move Your Body' campaign with Michelle Obama."

Residents and visitors of the S. Washington apartment, including Illinois sophomore Jack Montroy, and a dog, Steve French, were also there for the game.

"Steve kind of just finds a spot," Montroy said, as the dog climbed up and joined them on the couch. "He has no sense of personal space, though. He's not very good at calling his seat."

John Lees, a Cheboygan senior, was fully enveloped in the game at Marty's bar, 123 S. Main St. He was cheering for the Ravens for one distinct reason.

"I wouldn't say I hate San Fransisco; I just don't like them. The Tigers lost to San Francisco," Lees said. "That's why I'm cheering against them; they've won too many times."

For the Super Bowl, Lees and his friends were, of course, in their spot, where they preside every Sunday night.

"This is where we're always at every Sunday night," Lees said. "It's always Sunday night at Marty's."

Caleb Phillips, a Leslie senior, was across town at O'Kelly's, 2000 S. Mission St. A self-described 49ers fan from birth, their early deficit, a score of 21-6, didn't concern him.

"They've come back from much more than this before," Phillips said. "I have faith that they will still pull this off"


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