Dunham's robbery suspects slapped with additional charges

The four men Mount Pleasant police arrested in connection to retail fraud of more than $5,000 at Dunham’s Sporting Goods have been arraigned for additional charges.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department on Feb. 24 responded to retail fraud at Dunham’s, 2129 S. Mission St., where officers located the suspects on Appian Way near Mission Street.

“They were caught when an employee saw they were stealing and followed them out of the store, where they got the license plate number and reported it to us,” Public Information Officer Jeff Thompson said.

The four male suspects arrested were 17-year-old Dustin Robert Brown, 22-year-old James Allen Chandler, 27-year-old John Anthony Merchant and 18-year-old Jaylen William-LaFranc Miles.

Three of the subjects had five more counts added with retail fraud in the first and second degree, two counts in the third degree, and receiving and concealing stolen property valued from $1,000 to $20,000.

The fourth subject had one count of receiving and concealing stolen property valued $1,000 to $20,000 added.

“I know stores always have an idea when things are missing, but I don’t know if these guys were on the store's radar,” Thompson said. “There were bonds set last week and, as of last Wednesday, two bonded out.”

Thompson said retail fraud is considered a felony, with the only other counts that were added as misdemeanors were the 2nd and 3rd degree counts of retail fraud.

Central Michigan Life previously reported that MPPD were confident the investigation would result in numerous other charges for the subjects arrested.

“The reality is even though each felony and each misdemeanor has a number of times attached to them,” Thompson said. “Based on the seriousness of the offense and if they have any priors could be punched into an equation the equation.”

Thompson said the suspects could be looking at least 10 years in prison based on the crime.

“The subsequent investigation has led to the recovery of stolen property with the value in excess of $5,000,” Thompson said. “The property was identified as being taken during a breaking and entering and numerous retail frauds from several of our local stores over the last six months.”

The men were arrested and then first arraigned Feb. 27 at the 76th District Court for second degree home invasion.


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