Seven faculty members to receive Provost's Assessment Incentive Award

The Provost's Assessment Initiative Award has been presented to seven faculty members from four departments and programs across campus this year.

The award is given to individuals who use assessment data to improve student success in their academic program. Assessment data helps faculty members understand their students better so they can improve student learning.

In order to be eligible for the award, an individual must submit an application.

The recipients of the award are chosen by the Provost's Assessment Incentive Award committee and receive up to $5,000 from the provost, which is to be matched by the appropriate dean's office. The recipients this year are using the incentive money for equipment and further assessment data.

This year, Jeffrey Smith, assistant professor of broadcast and cinematic arts, and Director of the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Peter Orlik received a $5,000 incentive.

"This is all professor Jeff Smith," Orlik said. "It's Jeff's work entirely with the work of Trey Stohlman. They did an outstanding job."

Stohlman is a fixed-term faculty member in the BCA department.

Orlik said the incentive money will be used to support a variety of equipment needs in the school and to support faculty research in assessment.

"We're really happy to have Jeff's hard work be recognized," Orlik said.

Denise Webster, assistant professor in the athletic training and education program, along with Program Director Rene Shingles, also received a $5,000 incentive.

"Our plan right now is to pursue an electronic portfolio for our athletic training students, which in turn will gather more data about student learning," Webster said. "It's very appreciative from a faculty perspective for the provost to appreciate the work that we do."

In addition, the committee has awarded a $3,000 incentive to Maureen MacGillivray, professor of apparel merchandising and design, and Chairwoman Megan Goodwin.

"(The money) will be used to make further improvements in our assessment plan and to help us in our data," MacGillivray said.

MacGillivray said the incentive money will help the department do a better job with assessment.

"Assessment gives us a chance to evaluate that students are learning what we're teaching them," she said. "I'm very proud that CMU is recognizing faculty efforts in assessment."

Annette Thornton, professor of the music theatre department, also received a $3,000 incentive.

Thornton and Provost Gary Shapiro weren't available for contact before publication.