COLUMN: After three years, I still can't write a headline

Next week, an 8 a.m. phone call will no longer mean there has been an armed robbery in Mount Pleasant, or that the former student who allegedly poisoned her roommate has pleaded guilty.

Next week, I will no longer be working for Central Michigan Life. So, an early morning phone call will more likely mean Grandma wants to go shopping or I need to make the trek to Lexington Ridge Apartments to help a friend find their car after a particularly eventful night at The Bird.

For three years, CM Life has been a seemingly hefty staple of my college career, which has and will continue to be a strong talking point on my résumé.

Since August, I have served as the metro editor, fielding through my reporters' coverage of the vast quantity of violent crimes at any given point, and perking up when someone says "prosecutor" or "special-use permit."

I can’t say I won’t miss the rush of breaking news and covering the planning commission meetings everyone else finds mind-numbingly boring. But, working in the newsroom has made it clear what I will do after graduating in just a few weeks.

I desire to make connections with people.

That's part of why it has taken me so long to realize I would prefer to stay in academia as a professor, rather than chase down house fires and share awkward phone calls with alleged poisoning victims.

And because of this realization, I’ve been waiting for this job to end for quite some time. Not because I have haven’t enjoyed it, but, because like any job, there is a lot to love and a lot to dislike.

Since August, I have consumed more pizza and Jimmy Johns sandwiches than I care to admit, but mostly, I have never had so little free time.

But, I can’t say it hasn’t all been worthwhile. I have enjoyed the people I have met and everything I have learned from getting to know those throughout the city.

And if nothing else – working at CM Life has made me a great deal less shy and more comfortable with my own voice.

Because, as cliché as it sounds, college is really about making connections and finding out who you are.

I feel confident that the indecision I've felt during my five years at Central Michigan University has led me to somewhere worthwhile, and I am content with what I have accomplished.

Now, I’m looking forward to finding out where next year takes me.


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