Students share their unforgettable April Fools' Days

Some students might have glanced at the date on Monday and completely ignored the fact that it was April 1.

But some students might have gotten a slight grin on their faces when they read the date because practical jokes on family or friends were about to begin.

Center Line senior Rachel Potts said she will never forget the agonizing joke that her mother played on her April Fools' Day of her sophomore year of college.

"She called and told me that my dad got laid off and I was going to have to start paying for school myself," Potts said. "It made matters worse because I had just quit my job right before that."

Potts said she would have never expected it to be a joke because it was coming from her mother and not just a friend.

"She is really just not that funny, so I had no idea," Potts said. "She made it seem so real because she had gotten me job applications from McDonald's and Burger King. It was horrible and she let it go on like that all day."

Cadillac senior Sonya Petrakovitz said her best April Fools' joke happened when she was 12 years old, and she has yet to top it.

"I sewed all the underwear in my dad's drawer together, so if he picked up one pair, he would pick up them all," Petrakovitz said.

Petrakovitz said her dad was pretty mad, but her mom thought it was funny.

Montague freshman Randi Babcock said she has never been too sneaky with her jokes because every time she tries, people recognize that it is an April Fools' attempt right away.

"I've put green food coloring in the milk and tried to put the rubber band on the faucet," Babcock said.

This past April Fools' Day, Brighton senior Amanda Peterson said she tried and failed while attempting to pull a fast one over her roommate.

"We tried to Saran wrap her door and say a mouse was coming, but she expected it and never walked into the Saran wrap," Peterson said.


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