Students swoon over 50 years of 'Doctor Who,' can't get enough

On Saturday, nearly 77 million people across the globe tuned in to watch the 50th anniversary of "Doctor Who," and students at Central Michigan University were no different.

The popular British science fiction show reached a milestone of 50 years, and, for the first time, was broadcasted simultaneously across the world on Nov. 23.

“I think it’s really amazing how they did the simulcast for this episode,” said Mount Pleasant sophomore Caitlin Hill, a long-time fan of the series. “This is an important episode for a lot of people, and the fact that for the first time in its long history, all the fans were watching it together, at the exact same time throughout the world, was really kind of magical.”

Fans were not disappointed, as they gathered in residence hall rooms and huddled around laptops to watch a unique tribute to half a century of time and space.

“The episode itself satisfied every hope and dream every 'Doctor Who' fan could have hoped for,” said East Jordan sophomore Tyler Danner.

Danner, along with several other friends, roommates and acquaintances, gathered around an online live stream to watch the highly anticipated return of the show.

Beyond the celebrities and actors, "Doctor Who" couldn't have lasted 50 years without such a loyal and devoted fan base, spanning multiple eras, generations and countries.

With an ever-changing lead character, something rather unique to the show, fans of the series get used to constant change. So, many viewers were looking forward to the 50th anniversary special to see which favorite old characters would make a comeback.

"It was hilarious, mind-blowing and heartbreaking all at the same time," said Canton freshman Kaitlin Shanks. "It connected all generations of 'Doctor Who' fans."

For the fans who tuned in Saturday, the 50th anniversary tied together years of success into one episode.

"It’s the revival and celebration of all the pieces of the past, and even a brief glimpse of the future, of this beloved series," Danner said. "Fifty years of evolution, and even with this episode, new blood has been infused to the series"


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