Chippewa Chat: Milos Cabarkapa


Chippewa Chat is a Q&A series in which Senior Reporter Seth Newman will get to know the routines and quirks of some Central Michigan University student-athletes. 

Get to know redshirt freshman center Milos Cabarkapa, No. 11 from Belgrade, Serbia.

Keno Davis on Cabarkapa: He was down in Florida going to Impact Academy for one year after being in Serbia. My staff has done an incredible job trying to find talent, not just in our back yard but finding positions that we may not find locally. To be able to find a seven-footer that we think we can develop into a big part of the future was important for us. Milos fits that bill.

Seth Newman: Why did you come to CMU?

MC: I was on my visit here from my prep school in Florida and I met the guys and chatted with the coaches. I really liked the campus because it’s a small one and I don’t have to walk far. I liked the theme here, the guys really accepted me (and) I felt like this was the place for me.

SN: What's it like being so far away from your home in Serbia?

MC: I mean, it’s hard. Right now it has been a year and three months since I’ve been here. I just got used to the States. I don’t have any problems now, but when I first came here it was a totally different world. I have to drive everywhere and it’s long distance. Back home, everything is right there.

SN: What's the top music on your iPod?

MC: I like Rick Ross, that’s my guy. The other music I listen to is electronic stuff.

SN: What are your career and personal goals at CMU?

MC: I want to win the (Mid-American Conference). I don’t have a personal goal right now. If we win the MAC and I’m a part of the program, that’s what I want. Individually, I just want to grow better and better. The team goal will make me better as well.

SN: What do you bring to the team?

MC: I bring a lot to the post, we struggle with guys down there. Next season there is another post player coming, so that will be a strength of ours next season.


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