BEER REVIEW: Dream Machine IPL


Dream MachineLook: 7.4

Smell: 8.1

Taste: 7

Feel: 7

Overall: 7.38/10

Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL

Magic Hat Brewing Company could not be more aptly named.

The Vermont brewers are well-known for their ability to craft a unique variety of seasonal and limited release products. Only three year-round beers have remained in the company’s history – but for the first time in a decade, the hop magicians at Magic Hat have created one that’s here to stay.

Enter Dream Machine IPL.

I like my beer to be straightforward with me – but with Magic Hat, I’m never really sure what to expect. This India-style pale lager is no exception.

According to Magic Hat, Dream Machine is an amorphous cross between India pale ale and an amber lager. Unable to find it on tap, and having been on an IPA kick lately, I couldn’t wait to crack open a bottle.

Visually, it’s a typical amber lager and it pours hazy orange. Hints of citrus notes were pronounced and accompanied by a thick, white head.

The hoppy citrus aroma made it very appealing to the palette.

While it looks a lot like an amber lager on the surface, it hits the tongue with the strong, hoppy bitterness I’ve come to expect from IPAs. Unlike standard IPAs, however, the burn quickly subsides – really accentuating its lager finish.

I paid $8.99 for this six pack at The Store on Mission Street. I’ve paid much more for beers that I’ve enjoyed much less. While it might not offer the affordability of Keystone, you’ll definitely still get the quality taste of a higher-priced craft beer.

At 5.7 percent alcohol content, Dream Machine is strong but drinkable. For those who despise hoppy beers, this might not be the drink for you. But for those who enjoy a full-bodied hop taste without delving full-force into the world of IPAs, this beer is designed for you.


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