Union Township to pay more for local road maintenance

Union Township will pay more this year for gallons of liquid calcium chloride, which are used on roads to control ice and dust.

Union Township’s board of trustees approved the 2014 brine contract, which prices the total cost of liquid calcium chloride for 2014 at about $16,293, or $0.13 per gallon. This year’s bid price is up from last year’s price of $15,120, or $.0125 per gallon.

The Isabella Road Commission is partnering with Union Township, which agreed to pay about $1,683 of the total cost.

“The new brine contract will cover approximately 20 miles of road for the summer,” said township supervisor Russ Alwood.

The liquid calcium chloride will be used on easements and the reconstruction of Deerfield Road, which is expected to start early this summer.

The next meeting will be held on March 12 at Township Hall.


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