University vets feedback for new furniture

Academic space and remodeling is looking for student opinion on different desk models which could be implemented in classrooms in the future.

Different desk models will be on display in the Student Involvement Center in the Bovee University Center, at least through Friday, for students to see and try out. Jessica Ebels, director of academic space and remodeling, a unit which reports to the vice provost, hopes students come to check out the desk models and share their feedback.

After completing different projects, including the renovation to Anspach Hall, Ebels said they have received feedback on the projects and found mostly positive results.

"The biggest comment we got back is that students hate the desks," Ebels said. "We contacted different furniture vendors and were able to get the samples over Spring Break. We're asking for any feedback at all."

According to Ebels, the display was in response to the negative feedback on the current desks.

Contracting and purchasing services has also been working with Ebels. Once the feedback is gathered, three desks will be decided on and, as future projects are approved, those will be the furniture the bids will be based on.

Susan Watt-Smith, senior buyer with purchasing services, said the prices of those specific desks range from $180 to $395 per desk, but at this time, price was not a priority.

"We did not focus on price as much as we did style and quality," Watt-Smith said.


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