Woldt Hall’s first Spring Carnival brings students together

Arin Bisaro | Staff photographer Warren sophomore Sarah Vollmer plays the "Bunny Toss" ring toss game attempting to win tickets for bigger prizes at the Fabiano Carnival Saturday afternoon in FEW lobby.

The aroma of fresh popcorn and cotton candy filled the Fabiano Lobby while students and children tossed rings at wooden rabbits trying to win prizes.

Every year the Woldt resident assistants are required to host a weeklong event. This year however, Woldt Residence Hall Director Abby Finney allowed a change as the hall held its first ever Spring Carnival on Saturday.

“The RAs wanted to try something new, and I told them they could put all of their effort into one event,” Finney said. “This was a lot different from our traditional weeklong event. We had residents from other halls come, which was a first. It could quite possibly be done again in years to come.”

Ring toss, lollipop drawing, milk can toss, balloon pop, ball-in-hole, a photo booth and a ducky pond were the featured games throughout the day, each with unlimited attempts.

At each game station, players received a raffle ticket that could win them prizes, the biggest being  gift cards from Mount Pleasant restaurants. The more games students played, the more tickets they got, which would increase the odds of winning the cards.

More than 100 people attended, including Illinois sophomore Anyce Harvey. She enjoyed the event and said no one is too young to attend a carnival.

“It is OK to be a kid sometimes, especially with stress from school and exams,” Harvey said. “I try to come out and attend events like these so I wont be sitting in my room all day.”

Danielle Cook, a Woldt resident assistant and Oak Park senior, said the event was easier for residents to come to and easier to put together.

“We just want people to come play games, and enjoy themselves,” she said. “Carnival is just a good time and (a) way to connect our campus. Today showed that events like this could be successful for a college campus.”

RHA President and Northville senior, Eric Ostrowski, said the allocation of general assembly ultimately decided to fund the festivities because of its social benefits for students.

“This was another way for residents to make connections,” he said. “They will be able to connect with others within their halls, and with it being open to other students on campus, it allowed them to meet other people who don’t live in their areas. Spring Carnival could be a great new tradition for Woldt Hall to begin and hopefully keep alive in the future.”


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