Commuter Lot 51 restricted to faculty, staff parking only for construction of Biosciences Building

In preparation for the construction of Central Michigan University's Biosciences Building this summer, a student commuter parking lot will be temporarily restricted to faculty and staff permits only to make room for construction tools.

Commuter Lot 51, which is located east of Woldt Hall, will be blocked from student use beginning April 7 until August 2014. Half of Lot 51 will be used for Biosciences Building construction purposes only. A portable construction office building has already been placed in the lot. On April 12, a fence will be placed around it, taking up more than half of the parking lot.

Kim Speet, manager of parking services, said anyone with commuter parking permits should receive an email informing them of the Lot 51 restriction.

Construction of the Biosciences building will begin at the end of the semester, starting with the demolition of the Washington Apartments.

Construction is expected to be completed by December 2016 and is expected to open the following year.