Cranker's still without a liquor license


Cranker’s Restaurant and Brewery cannot serve its popular beer.

General Manager Allen Knash said the restaurant hasn’t been able to complete the process of earning its liquor license due to a lack of organization with Michigan’s licensing committee.

He said he’s going down to Lansing today to figure out the situation.

“They’ve been trying to get it all organized when we’ve been doing our big work before," Knash said. “We just have to get it all organized and situated. Hopefully, it’s very soon that we get this up and running.”

Knash said thirsty customers have begun to grow impatient without an operational brewery.

“We’ve had some people come in looking for the beer," he said. "They’ve been a little bit deterred, but they said they’re looking forward to it. As soon as we get it, I’m sure we’ll be slamming busy.”

The restaurant, located at 1207 E. Pickard Road, added a microbrewery in January along with renovations and a paint job.

Cranker's beer is rated as the 10th best in the state, according to a September Mlive report.