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LETTER: Recognition where it's deserved

To the Editor:

On April 11 around 11 a.m., I left my office in Dow to go up to the Bovee University Center for lunch.

As I passed the student memorial out front, I could hear someone yelling loudly in the distance. My ears are not as young as they used to be, so I could not make out words. As I got to Preston Street, I could see many people looking in the direction of the circle drive out front.

At that point, I could hear that it was yelling designed to offend people just for the sake of being offensive. As I neared the driveway, one student, who was just trying to cross campus, walked up to the car. She told them, “new student orientation is going on, and you are making CMU look bad." She then went to all the parents who were gathered in front of the U.C. and offered them her apology.

Whoever she was, she needs to know that she represents the best of us at CMU.

James A. Pytko

Lecturer, Geography Dept.