Middle schoolers assault staff member during recess


Five seventh grade boys at West Intermediate Middle School were involved in the assault of a staff member Wednesday during their lunch break.

Injuries sustained by the staff member were not reported by the police, per an ongoing investigation.

The middle school, located at 440 S. Bradley Road, is conducting its own investigation alongside the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

School liaison officer Tim Standen responded to the call, and continued interviewing witnesses over the next day, according to Public Information Officer Jeff Thompson.

"We just want to make sure we have all the facts," Thompson said. "Now that the excitement has died down, we have a few things to get straight."

Thompson said police received several accounts of the assault from witnesses, but some of the stories are conflicting. He explained the investigation could take longer than most, due to the age of the boys. The boys' parents were notified and are taking part in the investigation.

"We want to treat it the same way we treat any investigation," Thompson said. "Because of their age, there are a couple additional steps we have to take to protect the boys' privacy."

Police are unsure at this time, Thompson said, if the staff member did anything to provoke the students. He said once the investigation is complete, the case will be forwarded to the county prosecutor who will determine if any charges should be filed.

West Intermediate Middle School notified parents of the incident in an email written by Principal Dana Calkins and sent out Thursday. Calkins said the School District Administration and the Board of Education have been kept abreast of the investigation, and have provided guidance along the way. 

"This has been a very emotional situation for us all," Calkins wrote. "It is also a sad reminder that we need to remain vigilant regarding school safety. We are very lucky to have the personnel who will risk their own safety to ensure the safety of our students."

Calkins said she has been in touch with families to provide support and address any rumors.

"We are confident the situation is now under control, as it has been taken extremely seriously and has been dealt with swiftly," she wrote. "Such behaviors are not acceptable in any Mount Pleasant Public School"


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