Sophomore duo prepares for spot in Threads Fashion Show


Two sophomores are making waves in fashion design at Central Michigan University.

Saginaw native Kimberly Johnson and White Lake native Hannah Fedorko are the lone sophomores with clothing lines featured in this year's Threads Fashion Show.

Threads, a fashion show where students showcase the work and effort they have put into their craft, is one of the largest events on CMU's campus, being held at 7 p.m. Saturday in Plachta Auditorium.

The theme of this year's show is art, and the two chose to base their designs on the works of artist Edgar Degas.

"I am nervous about making it because we want it to be up to par," Fedorko said. "There are seniors doing senior collections, and we just want it to be on the same level."

Degas is called the founder of Impressionism. The duo drew inspiration from his paintings and decided to create a line of tutus and ballerina-related garments as much of his work featured dancers.

Johnson and Fedorko met in AMD 140, an intro to construction class, and quickly became friends. They have classes together and sew at the same time, so partnering was inevitable.

EHS faculty member Wendy Honey has mentored the two. While taking AMD 240, advanced apparel construction, Honey helped them create a sewing foundation to advance in the future.

After students pass the class, they are eligible for Threads.

"You want to put lines in Threads every year because it is great exposure and experience," Johnson said. "There's certain job opportunities that you can get, you never know who's in the audience. Make connections when you can."

Johnson is studying abroad in Italy next fall, taking purse/shoe design, and hoping to take a fashion photography class.

Fedorko wants to travel abroad in her senior year to either Paris or Italy – the major fashion capitals of the world. She wants to eventually work for Kleinfield, notorious for being a dream wedding dress store.

Johnson wants to change the industry and make clothes for plus-size models that are cute and affordable. It's difficult to have plus-size clothes with the same design as standard size clothing.

She wants to open a business as big as Forever21 or HM that sells trendy, stylish clothing across the board.

Classmates and fashion lovers can expect to see lots of pink and high-ballerina buns when Johnson and Fedorko display their collection at the 2014 Threads Fashion Show.


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