Student writers' RSO showing 'the worst movie ever' Thursday


Student writers are hosting a screening and discussion of one of the worst movies of all time Thursday.

A screening of "The Room,"  hosted by Central Michigan University's Fiction Collective, starts at 8 p.m. in Anspach 162.

Gino Fracassa, the registered student organization's president, said the notorious 2003 film is a perfect storm of bad storytelling.

"I think 'The Room' raises more questions than any other bad movie," the Carsonville senior said. "Its baffling writing style, its confusing elements and the terrible acting make it fail as a drama, but that's why people like watching it."

"The Room" was directed, written by and stars the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau. Very little is known about the filmmaker's past, or where he acquired the $6 million to fund his debut movie.

After its release, "The Room" quickly gained a cult following as an entertainingly bad movie. It is best known for a scene where Wiseau halfheartedly exclaims, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa."

Fracassa said he was inspired to host the screening after reading Greg Sestero's "The Disaster Artist," a book which chronicles the rocky production of the movie. Fracassa presented the idea to the RSO and he found several other members were fans of the infamous film as well.

The Fiction Collective is an open group for aspiring writers of all kinds. The RSO provides members with the opportunity to share their stories with others and receive constructive feedback on how to improve their work.

The screening of "The Room" will be followed by a group discussion, where students will analyze the movie's faults.

They chose to show this movie because writers can learn from the mistakes of the filmmakers, said Joseph Mcguire, the group's vice president.

"We get a kick out of examining stories and 'The Room' is one of the best worst stories ever told," the Mount Pleasant senior said.


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