FINALS GUIDE: Top 10 Exam Week Netflix List


Studying will be part of every college students' itinerary. Below, you'll find a list of top Netflix picks to give you a much-need pick-me-up during exam week.

1. "Don Jon"

If you're like most college students, you've waited until the last minute to study and you're understanding very little of what you're reading. To continue that trend, check out this entertaining flick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt that makes just about as much sense as your biochemistry notes.

2. "Dexter"

Already an amazing show in general, there's no better time to start this series than during your exam week study blues. Disclaimer: This show is very addictive and has a tendency to extend twenty-minute study breaks to five-hour binge watching sessions without warning.

3. "The Walking Dead"

Another popular series. If anything - watch this show to remind yourself why you're getting a higher education - to be able to survive during a possible zombie apocalypse.

4. "Blue Valentine"

If studying doesn't give you enough reason to cry, check out this tear-jerker starring the ever-popular Ryan Gosling. Disclaimer: Don't expect an attractive, rich bachelor or a somber-but-charming railroad worker who gets the girl.

5. "Weed Wars"

A documentary about legal medicinal marijuana, this film is educational, interesting and is a very hot topic in politics right now. Which is the only reason you'd want to watch it, right?

6. "Good Burger"

No explanation is needed. It's "Good Burger."

7. "The Boondock Saints"

Leave the world of the studying and enter into a world of bad-assery with this classic flick starring two brothers on a mission to rid the world of crime and evil.

8. "That '70s Show"

From the awkwardness of main character, Eric, to the antics of lovebirds, Jackie and Kelso, there's no better show to lift your spirits after a long night of studying.

9. "American Horror Story"

No, this series isn't referring to your final grades. This thriller series follows various characters through horror-filled journeys and supernatural occurrences.

10. "My Strange Addiction"

With the stress of exams building, sometimes you just need a confidence boost. From gasoline drinkers to glass-eaters, check out this series highlighting some of the most eccentric people you'll ever find. If anything, this series will reassure you that getting a "C" grade isn't the worst thing in the world.


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