FINALS GUIDE: Top 10 signs of procrastination

Procrastination is public enemy No. 1 for students during finals week. Sure, putting things off might feel good, but it's not helpful. If you find yourself doing the things on this list, you might be in trouble.

1. Waiting until the due date to start an assignment.

If you've waited until the deadline to start a project or homework assignment, congratulations! You have officially reached the pinnacle of procrastination.

2. Deciding the house suddenly needs a good cleaning.

If you suddenly notice how dirty the house is and must clean it before anything else gets done, you have reached a high functioning level of procrastination.

3. Start helping out friends and family with all those pesky favors they've been asking you to help with all semester.

Remember all those pesky chores and favors your family and friend have been asking you to help out with all semester? If you decide you just cannot put those tasks off any longer, you are definitely procrastinating.

4. You decide to start making the dishes you see on your new favorite cooking show.

If your newfound love of the cooking channel has inspired  you to become a master culinary chef, you poor dears are procrastinating.

5. You cannot live without knowing what's going to happen on your new favorite cooking show.

If, after plowing through your entire Netflix list, and your backup shows, you start to explore the virtues of the Home and Garden network, you are definitely way off task.

6. Your social media accounts have become more active.

If your beginning to update your Facebook or Twitter accounts multiple times an hour and are readily awaiting feedback, you have definitely immersed yourself in the world of procrastination. It's not too late to turn back, though.

7. You decide it's time to pick up the ol' guitar and give it another go.

Although your guitar lessons from fifth grade didn't pan out like you had hoped, you figure there is no time like the present to become a rock god. If this is you, you have surely begun your descent into full fledge procrastination.

8. Your number of visits to the refrigerator per hour has significantly increased.

If you find yourself going to the fridge multiple times an hour, knowing full well that there is nothing there but end of the semester milk and a varied assortment of condiments, then you are on a very slippery slope. Don't let procrastination take hold.

9. Those online shopping deals have become increasingly more enticing.

If all those outrageous deals online have started to look like pretty sweet bargains, then you are in dangerous territory.

10. Your old scores on Candy Crush and Flappy Bird need to be broken before you start anything.

Maybe just a quick game or two? Smartphone games are the gateway drug for procrastinators. If you find yourself with an overwhelming urge to beat your records, you are headed down a dark path. Be warned!


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