FINALS GUIDE: Top 5 nightmares during finals

As the school year comes to an end, students put their focus on finals that will test their knowledge of everything they’ve learned over the semester. But, it isn’t just studying students do before finals – they also have nightmares about them. Here are the Top 5 nightmares students face before finals:

1. Being late for an exam

Some students choose the option of pulling an all-nighter of studying the night before a final exam. Because of this some people might have a nightmare of being late for an exam. A suggestion would be to set an alarm, or two, before studying.

2. Studying material that isn’t actually on the exam

It can be hard for students to know what exactly to study if there is no study guide. Even if there is a study guide, students can have nightmares of studying material they think is going to be on the exam only to learn later that material isn’t on it.

3. Writing down the wrong date of the exam

Personal planners can be a student’s best friend. However, with so many other commitments, it can be hard to remember which ones fall on what days. Students can have nightmares of showing up to take an exam that is on the wrong day and either by too early or too late.

4. Forgetting necessary tools allowed for use on exams

Exams for every subject are different, which means the tools allowed or needed for each will be as well. While it's common sense to bring a pencil and other necessary tools, students will sometimes have nightmares where they forget the most basic of things under pressure of exams.

5. Cheating

It’s a given, cheating isn’t tolerated under any circumstances and students know this. However, that won’t stop some from having nightmares about it. While most wouldn’t cheat in real life they may act upon it in their sleep because they want to ensure they will get a passing, above average grade in the end. In reality they’ll maximize their studying time and get plenty of sleep to ensure they remember everything they can.


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