Fireworks safety a concern for Mount Pleasant police

Just ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, Mount Pleasant police are increasingly concerned about fireworks safety.

According to a city ordinance, residents can only shoot off fireworks July 3, 4 and 5. However, some residents might not adhere to that ordinance.

"Our biggest concern is safety, not only for the individuals shooting off the fireworks but for the people where the fireworks are coming down," said Officer Jeff Browne, the public information officer for the MPPD. "We would ask that folks being mindful of what the ordinance is and what the requirements are.  (We also want to make sure) they aren’t shooting them at people or shooting them at buildings or roofs."

Browne said the department gets a lot of calls the days before and after the holiday from people complaining about the noise from fireworks. He said people should expect officers to show up at their location if they are shooting off fireworks outside the ordinance.

According to the ordinance, those that set off fireworks on other days can face a fine of up to $500.

Browne said he hopes people will be aware of where they are shooting the fireworks.

"We don’t want them to set fires," he said. "It would be a horrible thing for somebody's home to go down because of fireworks."