Welcome Weekend partiers failed to live up to their community’s needs

Along the curbs of our city’s student neighborhoods, on Main Street, Washington and University, life is just not getting any better.

With a strong-armed robbery and a home invasion last weekend, coupled with the disgusting display of anarchy that took over our community during Welcome Weekend, it’s obvious we have failed as the keepers of Central Michigan University’s reputation.

As last year concluded in a haze of burning paint from the unconscionable rash of dumpster fires, a challenge to grow up was set forth from this newspaper to CMU’s student body.

A livid city mayor had enough. Sharon Tilmann, tasked with leading this community, worked to enact an emergency ordinance to increase penalties for students involved in the debauchery. Her hope was that this action could put students on notice that their behavior would not be tolerated.

Tilmann effectively began the process of cracking down on and eradicating the apathetic chaos. She was already able to see darkness had besieged her city after less than a year as mayor.

This challenge soon became a culture among the city’s administrative bodies, as students were tasked with growing up or suffering dire consequences.

Now back in Mount Pleasant for another year as Chippewas, it’s clear we’ve learned nothing.

The situation has only escalated, leaving our campus community a psychological wasteland of missed opportunities and mediocrity.

Reports of student partiers even throwing bottles and rocks at armed police officers further expresses the stupidity, and sheer disregard for human safety displayed during Welcome Weekend.

This school is a proud institution. We are here for a second chance, a new beginning or to just get careers we actually enjoy.

When our own students are systematically destroying the community and its reputation, those opportunities will soon fade. When CMU and Mount Pleasant are devalued in such vile ways, so too are our degrees and potential to get jobs.

But both the University of Michigan and Michigan State rarely see the kind of insanity that would pepper a police windshield with broken glass and beer during just the first week of the year. 

In fact, it’s not even part of their part program.

But in Mount Pleasant, we’re beginning to count on it.

What is unique about CMU is that we are a small town and all eyes are on us. Our school doesn’t just define our town, it is the lifeblood. Our community needs to be proud of and respect us, or who else will?

Our student body is young and excited to be here. Let’s use that energy to make it a better place, not ruin one of Michigan’s great college towns.

For those who celebrated responsibly, we thank you for upholding the ideals of this university. To those who participated in such unfathomably reckless, dangerous, aggressive and immature behavior: you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Students have to do better. We know we can, and we will.


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