Graphic design program changes admissions

Central Michigan University's graphic design program will change the way it admits students in fall 2016.

The program will still enroll 20 students each academic year, but the admissions will not be broken into 10 per semester, which is the current format. The candidate evaluation process will remain the same, however, the 20 students who are admitted will form a cohort that goes through the four-year program together.

Larry Burditt, chair of the department of Art and Design, said the change will give students a better educational experience and an opportunity to develop a stronger portfolio. The program will also give students two prescribed classes per semester, which Burditt believes will allow for more classes to be offered. 

“Classes will have equilibrium," he said. "Classes won’t be dropped because of a lack of students and others won’t be packed full.”

 Burditt said the program will benefit from the added control and organization that the change will bring.

Senior Dan Hivka said the program's admissions is very competitive. 

"I was lucky enough to get in the first time I applied," he said. "If I didn’t, then I’m not sure what I would have done. I know people who had to change their majors because they couldn’t get in."

An entire year is a long time to have to wait to reapply, which deters some students after failing to be admitted on their first attempt.

Faryrn Prosser is a sophomore preparing to apply for the graphic design program for the first time. She is like many students afraid of not being admitted on the first try.

"I really do not want to have to wait an entire year to reapply if I don’t get in.” Prosser said. “I would rather start my career in another field at that point.”

The rigor of the application process produces the strong graphic design students that enter the workforce needed in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth projected a 20 percent increase in the number of graphic design jobs in the state in 2012.

The challenging program is what keeps CMU competitive with the other universities in Michigan.


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