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Entrepreneurship and marketing major and Clio junior Cody Delorenzo fundraiser for families who can't afford to pay for hockey expenses through Brotherhood Hockey, a clothing line he created in 2014. 

Entrepreneurship and Marketing major Cody DeLorenzo has combined his love of fashion, hockey and making a difference to create Brotherhood Hockey, a sports clothing line.

“Brotherhood Hockey was designed to create a fashionable hockey based clothing line, while keeping ties to the community,” said the Clio junior. "(It) seeks to create a brand that can give back to the community to help solve a problem, by selling a product and creating a voice."

DeLorenzo started the clothing line in 2014.

The clothing line donates a portion of its proceeds to families who don't have the financial means to provide hockey equipment and traveling expenses for their children.

“It’s our way of picking great causes to support and raise awareness,” DeLorenzo said.

DeLorenzo said Brotherhood Hockey helped Bryce, a 7-year-old hockey player from Chicago. Bryce’s family was struggling financially and couldn’t afford his last ice hockey bill.

“By designing and selling gear for Bryce, we made our money back, a strong ROI and still raised $250 for Bryce to continue playing the sport he loves," DeLorenzo said. "He went on to a state championship game.”

What inspired you to start Brotherhood Hockey?

DELORENZO: My main inspirations are my nephews and my niece. Those three push me every single day to chase my dreams and become the role model they deserve. My family has been through a lot of struggle, but my parents always made sure I had the things I wanted and thought I needed. I started this because I love it. It’s an amazing feeling seeing everyone wear my gear, but an even better feeling knowing I’m doing everything I can to make a difference in this world.

Did you have any help from your parents or friends with starting your clothing line?

My parents have helped me with much needed support. They let me bounce ideas off them and continue to push me everyday. I would not be able to juggle school, hockey, a business and a couple other programs I’m in without them in my corner. (My friends are) always supporting me and helping me get Brotherhood’s name out every chance they can.

How do you manage a clothing line and being a student?

I’ve adapted to long nights and early mornings. I am the first person in my family to step foot on a university for education, so it took me some getting used to. I’ve learned that missing some weekends or nights out is just a small price to pay for the rest of my life. This is what I love to do and what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

Why did you start to use your clothing line to raise money for kids?

I grew up on a very low income and was living week to week. A lot of people don’t know how hard that truly is. My parents always made sacrifices to make sure I had the things I wanted throughout my life. We believe that everyone that supports us, becomes a part of our family. I decided to make a portion of our company to give back because it’s what I believe in. (I want) to change one life at a time the best way I know how and that’s through Brotherhood Hockey.

What are some of your goals for Brotherhood Hockey? 

I want Brotherhood Hockey to be associated with every good deed in the NHL, but before that I just want to build my brand. I seek to grab the attention of CMU and gain their support. I want the world to see I’m not doing this to become rich or famous. I push this brand so much because I truly believe I was brought here to make a difference. Brotherhood Hockey has already changed lives on a small scale and we're very excited to continue what we started.


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